The thrill of getting behind the wheel of a four-wheel drive, even if it is just a go-kart cannot be explained. The squealing tyres, burnt rubber and the sheer rush of adrenaline can be invigorating for the true motor racing enthusiast.

Go-karting is the latest craze in Goa. Young and old alike relish this sport, which lets you race around in two or four stroke engine karts. It combines the thrill of fast vehicles with sharp turns and collisions.

Go-Karting requires no special training beforehand, contrary to the fears of most people, it is quite safe and enjoyable. Everyone is welcome to have a go at go-karting and try their hand at maneuvering their way thorough a few winding laps of unmitigated fun.

The venue at Nuvem on the Panaji-Margao Highway has successfully hosted three go-karting events at this venue since inauguration in 2001, which also included the JK Tyre national karting championships.

Participants in various age-groups from all over Goa, including a few foreigners and some ladies, from countries like England, Germany and Ireland have tried their luck.


The Go-Karts are powered by Honda engines. They reach a fairly good speed around the track. The karts driver sits only a few inches above the ground. Go-karts are non-geared and quickly mastered, nevertheless a lot of forethought goes into ensuring absolute safety for the driver.

The safety features include a solid reinforced protective frame; tracks built for excellent traction lined with tyre walls and a guardrail as precautions. Each driver has to compulsorily wear a helmet, loose clothing is discouraged.

The venue is already popular with Goan kids and teenagers who are fast getting obsessed with this unique sport. If you want the thrills without the 'spills', then Go-karting is the place to be.

All these factors make this hot spot the ideal getaway for a relaxing day out with family and friends.