Progress Report for the month of March, 2014

1.     More than 90% construction work of the Information Plaza at Patto-Panaji has been completed. 40% work of Multilevel Car Parking Plaza has been completed, 50% work of upgradation/renovation of Tourism Jetty has been completed. The work of Baga Coastal Circuit development is in process.

2.     Government has administratively approved and financially sanctioned towards the work of illumination of Shree Nirakar Temple at Mashem, Loliem, in Canacona Taluka, 20 mts. High Mast Light near Shree Brahmani Mahamaya Temple in Coperdem Village in Sattari Taluka.

3.     Government has Administratively Approved towards installation of High Mast Light at Junction near Hotel Green Park in Saligao Constituency, 20 mtr. High Mast Light near Shree Lairai Temple in Sirigao Village Panchayat area in Mayem Constituency and replacement/repairs of façade illumination provided to Shree Bhumika Temple, Proeim Sattari.

4.     Foundation stone has been laid for Tourism Infrastructure Development for Colva Coastal Circuit at Colva beach on 27.02.2014. South Zone office of the Department was inaugurated on 27.02.2014 at Mathany Saldanha Administrative Complex at Margao.

5.     The work of development, deployment, management and operation of Water Safety Patrol almost throughout the coastline with State of Art facilities in the coastal waters of the State of Goa on turn key basis is in operation through M/s Drishti Special Response Services Private Limited, Dona-Paula.

6.     Patrolling on the beaches is being carried out by the IRB Police personnel deployed on the beaches of Goa.

7.     In response to the tender floated for providing beach lifeguarding and safety services on the beaches of Goa, this Department received altogether three bids. The technical and financial openings of the bids were done in the month of December 2013. M/s Drishti Special Response Services Pvt. Ltd. consortium emerged as lowest bidder scoring the highest score among all three bidders. Tender Evaluation and Selection Committee recommended selection of M/s Drishti Special Response Services Pvt. Ltd. for the said work and same has been Administratively approved by the Government. The file is under submission for obtaining Finance concurrence.

8.     Beach Cleaning: On 12/12/2013, the Tender Evaluation Cum Selection Committee meeting was held wherein the financial bids of North & South Goa was opened in presence of the representatives of the respective bidders.

After combining both the technical and financial scores obtained by each of the bidders, M/s Bhumika Transport, Mumbai led consortium has secured the highest score of 49 marks for North Goa beach stretches, and M/s Ram Engineering, Mumbai led consortium has secured highest score of 49 for South Goa beach stretches.

Thus, the Tender Evaluation and Selection Committee recommended the selection of M/s Bhumika Transport (North) M/s Ram Engineering (South) for “Comprehensive Management of Cleanliness on beaches of Goa”, the same is submitted for Government approval.

The existing beach cleaning contract has been further extended upto 31/3/2014 after obtaining Administrative approval of the Government.

9.     River Princess: On obtaining Administrative approval a Committee was formed to have random inspections at the landing site at Baiguinim, Old Goa/Candolim wreck site to see overall work done by GSL and M/s Arihant Ship Breakers and to check on reports of M/s Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL), Vasco–Da–Gama engaged by this Department for monitoring and record keeping of scrap removal from wreckage of vessel M.V. “River Princess”.  On 06/03/2014, the Monitoring agency appointed by the Department M/s Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL), Vasco–Da–Gama submitted the report of Monitoring and record keeping of scrap removal from wreckage of vessel M.V. “River Princess”. As per the report the total weight of scrap salvaged as per load cell reading is 416.6 tons w.e.f. 7/2/2014 – 12/3/2014. On receiving the GSL report, the above Committee carried out an Inspection at Old Goa Baniguinim on 21/03/2014, and accordingly issued delivery challan to the contractor M/s Arihant Ship Breakers for 416.6 M.T. 
10.       Subsequently, the River Princess file which was processed for concurrence for Finance Department, Government of Goa was received with a remark that the total cost of Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) for undertaking the Monitoring work is to be deducted from the amount payable to M/s Arihant Ship Breakers, Mumbai.

A meeting of the Monitoring Committee for removal of M.V. “River Princess” is fixed on 26th March, 2014 at 11.30 a.m. in the Conference Hall, Secretariat, Porvorim, Bardez-Goa inorder to discuss various issues on M.V. “River Princess”.

Regarding “hiring/leasing of landing space yard”, to unload the scarp material of the vessel M.V. “River Princess” it was decided in the Monitoring Committee meeting held on 11.12.2013 that the payment towards rental of the yard belonging to M/s Samraat Marine Services, Vasco henceforth till removal is complete will be borne by the contractor and the same is agreed by Mr. Jain, Director, M/s Arihant Shipping Co. on the condition that the outstanding amount of the yard be cleared by Department of Tourism.

11.      M. T. Pratibha Bheema: This Department had issued an Order dated 11/02/2014 under Goa Tourist Places (Protection & Maintenance), 2001 directing the Managing Director of M/s Pratibha Shipping Company Ltd., Mumbai or their authorized officials/representatives to abate or remove the nuisance within a period of 15 days from the receipt of the Order wherein they have failed to comply with the Order thus that vessel “M. T. Pratibha Bheema” stands forfeited and vests in the Government.

A status report was asked from Captain of Ports and accordingly the Captain of Ports Department submitted a status report stating that the owners of the vessel M/s Pratibha Shipping Company Ltd. have not complied with the order dated 11/2/2014 issued by this Department and the vessel is still anchored and abandoned in the same position posing an imminent threat to the ecologically sensitive Goa Coast and has become a Navigational Hazard, security threat and incase of anchor dragging or Anchor cable breakage may lead to grounding and subsequent oil spill and irreparable ecological damage.

Subsequently, on 10/03/2014, a meeting was held on 10/03/2014 in the chamber of Pr. Secretary (Tourism). Shri R. K. Shrivastava, Pr. Secretary (Tourism), chaired the said meeting. The Officers Shri Hage Batt, Secretary Ports, Shri Nikhil U. Desai, Director of Tourism and Capt. James Braganza, Captain of Ports attended the said meeting. As per the direction given in the said meeting, a letter was issued to the Deputy Sheriff of Mumbai requesting him to move the said ship out of the Goan waters in view of the impending danger and also requested to immediately intimate the Hon High Court about the above facts and the tremendous difficulties faced by the State due to the vessel.

 In response to above Office email letter dated 14/3/2014 was received from the Dy. Sheriff  enclosing an Order dated 11/3/2014 passed by the Hon’ble High Court of Bombay directing the Office of Sheriff, Mumbai to take steps to sale the vessel M. T. Pratibha Bheema and further he directed this office not to take any steps/action in regard to the said vessel without obtaining prior permission/orders from the Hon’ble High Court of Bombay, since the said vessel is under arrest.

12.      Refund of shack fees of unsuccessful shack applicants is in progress. Action has been taken against shack allottees at Murud, Dando, Ximer, Tivaivaddo, Gauravaddo, Sauntavaddo, and Morjim beach for violating the clauses of the shack policy 2013-16 i.e. playing of loud music, CCTV Camera and Hookah at late hours. Inspection of illegal shacks in Government/Private properties and deck-beds has been carried out at Murud, Dando, Ximer, Tivaivaddo, Gauravaddo, Palolem, Cola, Rajbag.

13.      As part of promotion in domestic and international market, Goa Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. as Special Purpose Vehicle has participated at/in ITB-Berlin, Road Show at Oslo Norway, Road Show at Helsinki, Finland, MITT, Moscow, IITE, Raipur and organized Carnival & Food Festival and Shigmo Festival, 2014.

14.       The Department has carried out the following trade activities:
Sr. no. Name of the Activity New Registration Renewal
1. House/Guest Houses 03 74
2. Travel Agencies NIL 01
3. Tourist Taxis 160 106
4. Water Sports Boats NIL NIL

15.       A large number of tourists domestic as well as foreign have continued to visit the State during the month of March, 2014.