Progress Report for the month of May, 2014

1.     More than 95% construction work of the Information Plaza at Patto-Panaji has been completed. 40% work of Multilevel Car Parking Plaza has been completed, 60% work of upgradation/renovation of Tourism Jetty has been completed & river cruise is being operated in the completed portion of the Jetty. The work of Baga Coastal Circuit development is in process.

2.     The work of development, deployment, management and operation of Water Safety Patrol almost throughout the coastline with State of Art facilities in the coastal waters of the State of Goa on turn key basis is in operation through M/s Drishti Special Response Services Private Limited, Donapaula.

3.     Patrolling on the beaches is being carried out by the IRB Police personnel deployed on the beaches of Goa.

4.     With regard to tender floated for providing beach lifeguarding and safety services on the beaches of Goa, M/s Drishti Special Response Services Pvt. Ltd. consortium has been selected as a preferred bidder by the Government for carrying out the said work and accordingly Offer letter for the said work has been issued to them.

5.     Beach Cleaning: With regard to tender floated for “Comprehensive Management of Cleanliness on the beaches of Goa”, M/s Bhumika Transport led Consortium and M/s Ram Engineering led Consortium has been selected as a preferred bidder for North Goa and South Goa beaches stretches by the Government. The file submitted for expenditure sanction has been returned back with some query and the same has been forwarded to Project Cell.

6.     The file is submitted for further extension of the existing beach cleaning contract upto 31/5/2014.

7.     River Princess: Following are the action taken by this Department based on the decision taken by Monitoring Committee in its meeting held on 26/03/2014:

a)   This Department issued an Order directing the contractor M/s Arihant Ship Breakers to deposit the excess amount towards sale of scrap of i.e. Rs.`4,00,16,030/- as per clause 3(e) of said Agreement alongwith interest @ 18% per annum from due date. Also directed to deposit the amount of the current scrap sale i.e. Rs. 81,84,239/- with the Government within fifteen days of the receipt of this Order, failing which the same will be construed as breach as per terms and conditions of the Agreement, and will be deducted from Bank Guarantee without any Notice. Subsequently, the Contractor submitted a Cheque amounting to Rs.`81,84,239/- to deposit the same in the Government Treasury.

b)   A letter has been sent to NIO requesting to convey their willingness/acceptance to undertake the work of underwater survey like Bathymetry, Side Scan Sonar, Sub-bottom Profiling at Candolim, on behalf of Government of Goa after completion of the work so as to ensure that whole ship/parts have been removed by the Contractor along with estimates/quotation and their fees.

c)   Also, NIO has been requested to calculate the “Clear Weather Day” as per the Meteorological data submitted by the Meteorological Department.

As per report submitted GSL the total weight of scrap salvaged as per load cell reading w.e.f. 24/03/2014 to 11/05/2014 is 3861.2. Accordingly, delivery challan has been issued to the contractor M/s Arihant Ship Breakers for 328.45 M.T.

The contractor has directed vide letter dated 20/5/2014 to renew the Bank Guarantee of Rs. 10.00 crores valid till December 2014.

8.     Inspection of huts, hotels and travel agency and site inspection of shacks is in progress. Issuing of Show Cause Notice to the shack allottees in Government property for carrying out illegal activities is in progress. Refund of shack fees of unsuccessful shack applicants is in progress. Inspection of shacks in Government property has been carried out at Sauntavaddo at late hours on 17/5/2014 and confiscated 11 nos. hookah.

9.     As part of promotion in overseas market Goa Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. as Special Purpose Vehicle has participated in Arabian Travel Mart at Dubai and Road Show at Istanbul, Turkey.
10.  The Department has carried out the following trade activities:
Sr. no. Name of the Activity New Registration Renewal
1. Hotels/Guest Houses 07 245
2. Travel Agencies NIL 31
3. Tourist Taxis 71 199
4. Water Sports Boats NIL NIL

11.  A large number of tourists domestic as well as foreign have continued to visit the State during the month of May, 2014.