Annual Administrative Report for the year 2014-15

1.     INTRODUCTION:The Department of Tourism is headed by a Director who also functions as the Joint Secretary to the Government. He reports to the Secretary (Tourism). Besides being involved in policy formulation, planning and development of basic infrastructure, promotion, publicity and marketing of Goa as a prime tourist destination, both within the country and abroad, the Director of Tourism also exercises the statutory powers as the “Competent Authority” under the Goa Tourist Places (Protection & Maintenance) Act, 2001.
The Director is assisted by three Deputy Directors, four Assistant Directors, OSD & AAO who are in charge of following sections:
PLANNING SECTION:To look after the planning and implementation of infrastructure projects relating to touristic importance undertaken by the Department.  One Statistical Assistant is deputed from the Planning, Statistics & Evaluation Department under this Section to look after all the statistical as well as plan matters relating to the Department.  Similarly one Surveyor has been deputed from DSLR, under this section to look after the re-survey/re-demarcation of the landed properties of this Department. He also performs duties in Revenue Section.
REVENUE SECTION:Which looks after maintenance & cleanliness of beaches, tourist places, beach safety, permissions for setting up of temporary shacks, court matters pertaining to the Department, leases of Departmental properties as well as mutation of the properties of the Department and implementation of the Goa Tourist Places (Protection & Maintenance) Act, 2001.
INFORMATION SECTION:Which looks after production of tourist publicity material literature, dissemination of tourist information and distribution of tourist literatures through various centers and counters within Goa.
TRADE SECTION: Which looks after the implementation and administration of the Goa Registration of Tourist Trade Act, 1982, under which each and every activity such as accommodation, tours and travels, tourist transport, guides, porters and notified goods like handicrafts, curios etc. have to be necessarily registered with the Department and registration once made renewed annually. For the convenience of the hotels & travel trade, the Department has set up two Zonal Offices, North at Panaji and South at Margao.
ACCOUNTS SECTION:The Section Head, who is the Assistant Accounts Officer is deputed from the Directorate of Accounts and is assisted by clerical staff from this Department.
The Department of Tourism is headed by a Director. He is assisted by 3 Deputy Directors, 4 Assistant Directors, OSD and one Assistant Accounts Officer. The Department has 2 branch offices at North and South Goa, which were earlier headed by an Assistant Tourist Officer. Now these offices are headed by Dy. Director of Tourism & Assistant Director. The total strength of the Department is 192. Organization Chart is attached.
The main functions of the Department involves   in policy formulation, planning and development of basic infrastructure, promotion, publicity and marketing of Goa as a prime tourist destination, both within the country and abroad, the Director of Tourism also exercises the statutory powers as the “Competent Authority” under the Goa Tourist Places (Protection & Maintenance) Act, 2001.
The Dy. Director (North) and Dy. Director (South) exercises the statutory powers of the “Prescribed Authority” under the Goa Registration of Tourist Trade Act, 1982, within their respective jurisdiction and the Director of Tourism as the  “Prescribed Authority” under the said Act for the whole of State of Goa.
Fees for registration of various activities under Goa Registration of Tourist Trade Act, 1982 is being enhanced. Proposal is already moved for suitable amendment to the Act. Further guidelines are being formulated for bringing the activity of bar and restaurant/pub/restaurant etc. under the ambit of the Act.
ØThe work of the Information Plaza at Patto-Panaji has been completed. 95% work of Multilevel Car Parking Plaza has been completed, 95% work of upgradation/renovation of Tourism Jetty has been completed & river cruise is being operated in the completed portion of the Jetty. 70% work of Baga Coastal Circuit development is completed. 98% work of Calangute – Candolim Circuit is completed.
ØIncrease in tourist flow by over 30% in the year 2014 as compared to 2013, which in percentage terms is the highest growth in a year recorder by any State in the Country. The State received 40.58 lakh tourists in 2014 compared to 31.21 lakh tourists in 2013 (Jan to Dec).
ØThere is lot of demand for skilled and unskilled manpower in hotel industry, however due to lack of Institutes in training them, the Government could not cater to the needs of hotel industry therefore Government has taken the project of setting up of Second Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology at Farmagudi in collaboration with Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, New Delhi and Phase I- comprising of main building has been tendered and work has been started at Farmagudi. About 20% work has been completed.
ØK.P.M.G. Services Pvt. Ltd. consortium with Tourism & Leisure Advisory Services, Spain have been appointed for the preparation of  Tourism Master Plan & Tourism Policy of Goa .
ØIn order to ensure participation of Private Sector for building infrastructure such as theme parks, water kingdoms, aquariums, and such other tourist attractions, the GTDC has selected M/s KPMG Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd a transaction advisor/ consultant.
ØPolicy on Shacks, making it responsive to the aspirations of the local people as well as environment friendly has been implemented by formulation of Beach Shack Policy 2013-16.
ØThe Department has launched hot air ballooning, amphibian vehicle for tourists on 09/05/2015, seaplane services, River Rafting at Madei & Tillari, Women Taxi services etc.
ØThe Department has also initiated through GTDC Segway tours, Luxury Yacht services ,Water based activity Entertainment cum Watersports Park at Sea, Hop on Hop Off bus services, Horse trails- introduction of nature sightseeing trails on horsebacks, All Terrain vehicles- use of passenger ATV’s for travelling or adventure over short stretches, Hovercrafts and Motorized paragliding.
ØDepartment of Tourism will implement e- registration / online registration/ renewal of the hotels/ PGA, travel agents/excursion agents, dealers, tourist taxis, water sport activities, private shacks/ huts, adventure sports,  tourists guides  and tourist photographers through Goa Electronics Ltd. which would save the precious time of the stakeholders from next year 2015-16.
ØRiver Princess:  The Committee Member deliberated/discussed and accordingly concluded to refer the matter to the repute institutes such as India Institute of Technology (IIT) , Mumbai, & National Institute of Hydrography (NIH), Vasco to carry out a study to interpret whether the magnetic anomalies as specified in the report of NIO is belonging to the wreckage of River Princess. Also decided to refer to Biodiversity Board to carry out an Environmental implication/Cost Analysis and Social impact study of dredging/sweeping operation in the sediment of seabed at the wreck site of M.V. “River Princess” to come to a final conclusion in order to certify that the work of removal of wreck debris of M.V. River Princess is completed in all respects.      
ØBeach Cleaning: The Department had invited tender dated 18/7/2013 “Comprehensive Management for cleanliness on the beaches of North and South Goa” wherein M/s Bhumika Transport led consortium for North Goa and M/s Ram Engineering and Construction Company led Consortium for South emerged as lowest bidder securing highest combined score in the technical bid and  financial bid and hence the Tender Evaluation and Selection Committee recommended selection of M/s Bhumika Transport led consortium for North Goa and M/s Ram Engineering and Construction Company led Consortium for South Goa and the same was approved by the Government.
Thereafter, on 25/8/2014 Work Order was issued to both the successful bidders for commencement of the above mentioned work w.e.f. 1/9/2014 for a period of five years, to be renewed after every 15 months subjected to recommendation of the committee so formed by the Government to supervise the successful implementation of the work and terms and conditions of the agreement. Further, as required and mentioned in the tender document, the successful consortium formed a Special Purpose Vehicle with name M/s Bhumika Cleantech Services Pvt. Ltd. for North Goa and M/s Ram Cleansers & Development Pvt. Ltd. for South Goa.
ØBeach Shack: During the tourist season 2014-15, 359 shacks have been allotted i.e. 240 in North Goa and 104 in South Goa on identified beaches for three years i.e. 2013-16. Department has also permitted them to place 10 pairs of deck beds & umbrellas to each shack allottee infront of their respective shacks in addition Dept. permitted unemployed youth 8 deckbeds and umbrella and for hotelier 25 deckbeds and umbrella.
ØBeach Safety: The Department had invited tender on 23/9/2013 for providing Beach Lifeguarding and Water Safety Services in Goa wherein, M/s Drishti Special Response services Pvt. Ltd. Consortium emerged as a lowest bidder and Secured highest combined score in the technical bid and financial bid and hence the Tender Evaluation and Screening Committee recommended the selection of M/s Drishti Special Response services Pvt. Ltd. Consortium, for providing Water safety services in Goa.
Subsequently, as required and mentioned in the tender document, the successful consortium formed a Special Purpose Vehicle with name M/s Drishti Lifesaving Pvt. Ltd. and accordingly, Department has issued Work Order dated 24/7/2014 to the successful bidder for commencement of the above mentioned work from 1/7/2014 for a period of five years renewable for another term of 5 years with such extension being dependent solely on the performance of the work.
Ø  PROMOTIONAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN:The Department carried out aggressive media campaign in India and abroad through print and electronic media. As part of the promotional activity, the Department has participated in various tourism related events in India and abroad with P.R. Agency & Brand Consultant.
The Department has published and distributed print and electronic publicity material on Goa to tourists and prospective visitors, especially during various promotional activities carried out by the Department in India and overseas.
During the financial year 2014-15 till 31.03.2015, 152 new accommodation units (hotels) have been registered. The room capacity has increased from 29733 to 28598 and the bed capacity from 53161 to 51556.
           New travel agencies, tourist taxis & tourist boats have been registered during the   financial year, 2014-15.
During the tourist season 2014-15 (upto March 2015) 908 Charter flights has brought in 168206 foreign tourists as against 1115 charter flights  bringing, 259678 foreign  tourist during the previous season.
     The Department has achieved plan expenditure of Indian Rupee Symbol10949.02 lakhs, during the year 2014-15 as against the outlay of Indian Rupee Symbol13338.80 lakhs. Likewise, the Non- Plan expenditure incurred during the same year is Indian Rupee Symbol617.23 lakhs as against an outlay of Indian Rupee Symbol755.90 lakhs.
     For the financial year 2015-16, the Budget Estimates for Plan Outlays           Indian Rupee Symbol24881.00 lakhs, while the Non-Plan outlay is Indian Rupee Symbol1128.10 lakhs.
Financial aspects of plan & non-plan schemes:
                                                                            (Rupees in lakhs)
Major Head Name of the Scheme B.E R.E Actual
Demand no.78    Revenue (Plan) 13338.80 13338.80
3452-Tourism 5673.40 5673.40 4984.11
  04.Beautification of Places of Tourist interest( Plan) 178.00 178.00 157.12
  789. Special Component SC 10.00 10.00 0.00
  03.Tourist Establishments(Plan)
555.00 555.00 271.18
  04.Traditional Festival Programmes (Plan)
10.00 10.00 0.81
  05. Disposal of Garbage 500.00 500.00 423.32
  06.Participation in International Travel Markets
1.00 1.00 00.00
  07.Tourist Information and Facilitation centres (Plan) 1.00 1.00 65.31
  08. Maintenance of Historical building Monuments of tourist Importance 1.00 1.00 0.00
  09.Hospitality and entertainment expenses 10.00 10.00 0.31
  10.Promotion of tourism through information Technology.               25.00 25.00 4.40
  11. Asstt. to Goa Heritage House Tourism Scheme 81.00 81.00 0.00
  15. Grants to  GTDC (Plan)
4000.00 4000.00 4000.00
  16. Amenities at beaches (Plan) 1.00 1.00 0.00
  21.Removal of River Princess 300.40 300.40 61.66
5452- Capital Outlay in Tourism 7565.40 7565.40 5964.91
  01.Tourist Centres 350.00 350.00 278.46
  796-sub-Tribal 500.00 500.00 0.00
  01. Investment in Tourism Development Corporation 1.00 1.00 0.00
  01. Beach Safety Management (Plan) 2402.00 2402.00 2590.26
  02.Establichment charges transferred from  2059 PWD 2.00 2.00 0.00
  03.Tools and plant charges transferred from 2059, PWD 1.00 1.00 0.00
  04. Other works (Plan) 10.00 10.00 0.00
  06.Development of Baina Beach  Beautification (Plan) 0.00 0.00 29.25
  09. Contribution to GTDC (SPV) for Tourism Infrastructure Development 4299.40 4299.40 3066.94
7452- Loan for Tourism 100.00 100.00 0.00
  02. Loan assistance to Goa Heritage House-Tourism Scheme 50.00 50.00 0.00
  04. Loan to GTDC for infrastructure Development 50.00 50.00 0.00
(3452, 5452, 7452)
13338.80 13338.80 10949.02
  2014-15 NON-PLAN
Major Head Name of the Scheme B.E R.E Actual
Demand no.78      
  Revenue (Non-Plan) 755.90 755.90 617.23
  01-Tourist Infrastructure
001-Direction and Administration
01-Directorate of Tourism
549.00 549.00 500.35
  101-Tourist Centre
01-Tourist Information Centre   Margao (Non-Plan)
5.00 5.00 4.94
  02-Tourist Information Centre Vasco-da-Gama (Non-Plan) 4.50 4.50 3.68
  03-Maintenanance of beaches/places of Tourist Importance (Non-Plan) 69.00 69.00 20.42
  05-Beaches Improvement Fund   (Non-Plan) 31.20 31.20 1.59
  800-Other Expenditure
02-Tourist Establishment (Non-Plan)
97.20 97.20 86.25
  3452 (Non-Plan) Total 755.90 755.90 617.23

7.     Vision for future:
ØOnline registration of all Tourist Trade under the Goa Registration of Tourist Trade Act. will facilitate the Tourism Industry and the Department .
Ø The State Government has decided to implement single window system for all water sports operators in order to ensure transparency in operations of the water sports.
Ø The Government has decided to implement integrated and scientific beach cleaning system on all beaches of Goa and it is expected that the system will commence soon.
Ø Implementation of improved Beach Safety and Lifeguarding services on all Goan beaches and hinterland water bodies with night patrolling services.
Ø The Department will provide facilities like toilets, changing rooms, and shower rooms on all beaches of State under PPP mode.
Ø Amendment sought in rules to be framed under Goa Registration of Tourist Trade Act 1982 for proper enforcement of the Act.
Ø Goa Tourism in association with Goa Electronic limited has developed software for collecting latest tourism statistics and the same will be implemented in all hotels in 2015-16.
Ø Benches and signages will be erected in major tourist places.
Ø A Mobile application has been launched to give information about Goa Tourism on android platform thereby leveraging benefit of technology and providing services to the tourists.