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Progress Report for the month of September, 2015.
1.   The work of Calangute – Candolim Circuit is in progress. 95% work of Multilevel Car Parking Plaza has been completed. 95% work of upgradation/renovation of Tourism Jetty has been completed & river cruise is being operated in the completed portion of the Jetty. 70% work of Baga Coastal Circuit development is completed. 25% work of construction of Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology is completed.K.P.M.G. Services Pvt. Ltd. consortiums with Tourism & Leisure, Spain have been appointed for the preparation of Tourism Master Plan & Tourism Policy of Goa and they have submitted Module I report for ratification.
2.   On the occasion of World Tourism Day, Department of Tourism in joint venture with Goa Electronics Ltd. has launched a new high – tech registration facilitation center at Paryatan Bhavan,  Patto - Panaji which has been devised to process an application for registration/ renewal of touristic related activities coming under the purview of Goa Registration of Tourist Trade Act, 1982.
3.   Government has administratively approved & financially sanctioned the work of repairing of illumination Shree Pandurang Temple, Sankhali – Goa.
4.   The work of development, deployment, management, and operation of Water Safety Patrol almost throughout the coastline with State of Art facilities in the coastal waters of the State of Goa on turn key basis is in operation through M/s Drishti Lifesaving Pvt. Ltd, Donapaula.
5.   Patrolling on the beaches is being carried out by the IRB Police personnel deployed on the beaches of Goa.
6.   Single Window System
Government has granted permission to two minor events under Single Window system and total revenue of Rs.28,000/- has been collected.
7.  Beach Cleaning:Work Order has been issued to M/s Bhumika Transport led Consortium and M/s Ram Engineering and Construction Company led consortium on the beaches of Goa” for North Goa and South Goa, respectively, w.e.f. 1/9/2014. Engineering led Consortium for carrying out the work of “Comprehensive Management of Cleanliness. i) Orders are issued to a batch of eight Information Assistantsof this Departmentto carry out weekly inspections of the beach stretches assigned to them from
time to time.ii) Order is issued to all the Assistant Tourist Officers of the Department, to carry out weekly beach inspections. iii) Order is issued to Asstt. Directors to carry out beach inspections fortnightly.iv) Intensive daily inspections of beach stretches of North & South Goa are being carried out by the Officials vis-à-vis Information Assistant and Supervisor of this Department.
8.     River Princess:
In the meeting of the Monitoring Committee held on 15/06/2015 & 16/06/2015; the Director, NIO suggested to the Committee to go for the third party monitoring/investigation of the area with regard to high magnetic anomaly and that NIO would suggest a third party agency as the India Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai, & National Institute of Hydrography (NIH), Vasco expressed their inability to carry out the study regarding high magnetic anomaly detected by the latest report of the NIO.
The monitoring committee decided to further refer the matter for a third party evaluation and accordingly the Under Secretary (Revenue) referred the matter to (i) Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India, (ii) Indian School of Mines Dhanbad & (iii) CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad, Telangana, India on the recommendation of Chairman of the Monitoring Committee.
Considering the above Technical reports/advise, the Monitoring Committee in its final meeting held on 4/09/2015 at 4.30 p.m. concluded that the wreck region where M.V. “River Princess” grounded is devoid of any prominent obstacles, there is no need for carrying out further dredging of seabed since it would cause further ecological and environmental damage including damaging the beach morphology, disturbance to tourist activities and loss to economy. 
Further, as per the meeting the Committee unanimously decided that in view of the expert reports, the work of removal of wreck River Princess may be treated as completed by the Contractor M/s Arihant Ship Breakers. The Committee further decided to forward a report to the Government in this regards for further necessary action in the matter.
The Committee concluded that the task of the Monitoring Committee is completed in view of the above conclusion arrived at, and forwarding the report to the Government; the Monitoring Committee can be wound up.
Beach Shacks:Work of renewal of Beach Shack licenses for the touristic season 2015-16 has been commenced from 17/08/2015. Also, renewal of deck beds licenses for the touristic season 2015-16  is in process.
9.     As part of promotion in domestic and international market, Goa Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. as Special Purpose Vehicle has participated in PATA Travel Mart – Bangalore, TTF – Ahmadabad, TTF - Surat, TTF – Mumbai and Roadshow at Vienna – Austria,  IFTM – Paris respectively.
10.The Department has carried out the following trade activities:
Sr. no. Name of the Activity New Registration Renewal
1. Hotels/Guest Houses 11 78
2. Travel Agencies 24 152
3. Tourist Taxis 2 20
4. Water Sports Boats NIL NIL
11.       A large number of tourists domestic as well as foreign have             continued to visit the State during the month of September, 2015.