Progress Report for the month of August, 2012

  1. The work of Information Plaza at Patto-Panaji is in progress. More than 40% work has been completed.

  1. Work Order for construction of Multilevel Car Parking at Patto-Panaji, as been issued.

  1. The work of development, deployment, management and operation of a water safety patrol almost throughout the coastline with State of Art facilities in the coastal waters of the State of Goa on turn key basis is in operation through M/s DRISHTI SPECIAL RESPONSE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, Dona Paula.

  1. The work of Safety/Security Night Patrol Contract awarded to M/s DRISHTI SPECIAL RESPONSE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED has been extended till September 2012.

  1. Since the beach cleaning contract was valid upto 31st July 2012, the Department extended the said contract for further period of 3 months (i.e. upto 31st October 2012) after obtaining administrative approval and the file is submitted to the Government for obtaining Expenditure sanction.

  1. The services of the Beach cleaning contractor for the beach stretch N-5 Miramar – Caranzalem has been terminated by this Department w.e.f. 01/06/2012 and the same is handed over to Corporation of the City of Panaji.


  1. M. V. River Princess”:

As per the condition of Agreement executed between the Government and the contractor M/s Arihant Ship Breakers, Mumbai, M/s New Horizon Surveys (I) Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai carried out Side Scan Sonar Survey and Sub-bottom profiler of the vessel M.V. “River Princess” grounded at Candolim beach on 1/06/2012 accompanied by the Experts from Institute of Oceanography, (NIO) Dona Paula and National Institute of Hydrographic, (NIH) Vasco-Da-Gama. As the comments/clarifications furnished by M/s New Horizon, Mumbai to the queries raised by Dr. A.K. Chaubey & Cdr. R.M. Thomas were not satisfied by them a meeting was conveyed by the Department. Accordingly a meeting was held on 09/08/2012 at NIO in presence of 1) Dr. S.R. Shetye, Director, NIO, Goa, 2) P. Mathew Samuel, Secretary and Director of Tourism, Govt. of Goa, 3) Dr. A.K. Chaubey, Chief Scientist, NIO, Goa, 4) Cdr. R.M. Thomas, National Institute of Hydrography, Goa 5) Capt. I.K. Jha, Director (Tech), M/s Arihant Ship Breakers, Mumbai, 6) Cdr. J.J. Purshar (Retd.), 7) A.P. Gaur, M/s New Horizon Surveys (I) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, 8) Balachandra. C. G & G 9) Mr. Vasudev Mahale, Jr. Scientist, NIO, Goa to discuss the issue related to the survey carried out by Surveyor, M/s New Horizon, Mumbai.

As per the decision taken in the meeting held on 09/08/2012 at NIO, M/s New Horizon Surveys (I) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai had to provide the following data and record for forwarding to NHO Dehradun to assess the inferences drawn in the report.

  1. Graduated (geo-referenced) field sheets with position of the vessel.

  2. Graduated (geo-referenced) field sheets with mosaic of images of side scan sonar with track & ships position overlaid on it.

  3. Bathymetry tracks on graduated (geo-referenced) field sheets with ship position overlaid on it.

  4. Bathymetry on graduated (geo-referenced) field sheets with ship position overlaid on it.

  5. Graduated (geo-referenced) field sheets with sub-bottom profiler tracks (with proper annotation) with ship position overlaid on it.

  6. Hard copy of Sub-bottom profiler data (Seismic section) with proper annotation corresponding to the track as shown at point no. 5 above.

  7. (i) Processed digital data of bathymetry (ASCII format), and Sub-bottom profiling (standard SEG-Y format), and soft copy of mosaic of images of side scan sonar.

(ii) RAW digital data of echosounding, sub-bottom profiling and side scan sonar (XTF/JSF format).

  1. All graduated (geo-referenced) field sheets need to be on the same scale.

  2. Final revised report in hard as well as soft copy.


  1. Refund of Security deposit towards setting up of temporary shack in Government property is in process.

  1. Formulation of Shack Policy for Tourist Season 2012-13 is in process.

  1. Hosted dinner for the delegates of UNIGLOBE Regional Conference on 10th August 2012 at Grand Hyatt, Bambolim-Goa.

  1. The Department has carried out the following trade activities:


Sr. no.

Name of the Activity

New Registration



House/Guest Houses




Travel Agencies




Tourist Taxis




Water Sports Boats




  1. Quite a number of tourists domestic as well as foreign continued to visit the State during the month of August, 2012.