Progress Report for the month of May, 2013.

1. More than 80% construction work of the Information Plaza at Patto-Panaji has been completed. Construction of additional two floors have been approved by the Government and formal approval of Town and Country Planning is awaited.
2. The Government has approved “Detailed Project Report” on Establishment of Public Convenience facilities on the beaches of Goa Prepared by M/s Darashaw and Company Pvt, Ltd., State Level Project Management Agency (SLPMA) for consideration and necessary approval.
3. Department of Tourism has proposed Baga Beach Tourism Destination Development under Central Financial Assistance and State funds. Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, New Delhi has approved the project. After following all the codal formalities, commencement letter for the work has been issued to the Contractor.
4. Department has invited R.F.P./tenders through SPV, GTDC for development of Departmental/GTDC lands at Kavlem, Mardol, Mangueshi, Dona Paula, Diwar, Calangute, Candolim, Pernem, Anjuna, Mayem and beautification of tourist places in Mormugao, Dharbandora and Sanguem Taluka from empanelled Project Management Consultants.
5. The works of upgradation/construction of jetty at Patto, Multilevel Car Parking, Baga Coastal Circuit work are in progress. The works of toilet complex and beautification of Bandodkar Statue at Calangute are in progress.
6. Expenditure Sanction of the Government has been obtained for installation of 30 mtrs. High Mast Light & Control Panel at Joggers Park at Altinho-Panaji & Administrative Approval of the Government has been obtained for installation of 16 mtrs. HML at Patto, Ribandar.
7. The work of development, deployment, management, and operation of a water safety patrol almost throughout the coastline with State of Art facilities in the coastal waters of the State of Goa on turn key basis is in operation through M/S DRISHTI SPECIAL RESPONSE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, Dona Paula.                                                                     
8. Patrolling on the beaches is being carried out by the IRB Police personnel deployed on the beaches of Goa. 
9. This Department has invited tenders on 30/4/2013 for integrated lifeguarding services on nominated beaches and water bodies. Six parties have applied for tender documents online while the same has been sent to them and pre-bid conference was held on 22/05/2013.  
10. The Department is in process of floating tenders for integrated scientific cleaning of Goan beaches with comprehensive garbage collection and disposal and hence the beach cleaning contractors are requested to carry out the beach cleaning activity till June 2013. Government approval for the same is obtained for further extension of the said beach cleaning contract i.e. upto 30th June 2013.  
11. “M. V. River Princess”:   
As decided in the Monitoring Committee meeting held on 10/12/2012, to approach Directorate General of Shipping, Mercantile Marine Department, Headline Sada for obtaining the original construction plans of the vessel so as to verify the exact amount of wreck debris in tonnage which is still remaining on the sea bed and underneath the sea and also to approach Goa Shipyard Ltd, Vasco to avail the services for undertaking the task of estimating the debris tonnage which is lying in the sea bed and to monitor the whole process of the cutting work. 
In this context, Capt. K.P. Jayakumar, Directorate General of Shipping, Mercantile Marine Department, Headline Sada  informed this Department that the original construction plans of the ship ‘River Princess’ are not available in the records of their office and subsequently, the Addl. General Manager, Goa Shipyard Ltd, Vasco asked for more information on the vessel such as report/information on the present status of the vessel, survey reports, details from NIO, GA and structural drawings and any other relevant information to help them to study the details of the vessel and to work out the way ahead. 
Accordingly, this Department requested the General Manager, Nippon KaijiKyokai (ClassNK), Japan, to provide the original construction plans of the vessel like General Arrangement, midship section, long section, D. Bottom tank, structural plans etc. so as to calculate/estimate the remaining portion of the River Princess wreck however they  regretted to provide the same as the building shipyard, Hitachi Zosen – Innoshima refused to provide the same.(copy enclosed for perusal). Thereafter we requested Hitachi Shipbuilding & Engg. Innoshima, Japan to provide the same and accordingly the structural drawings are received from them. The said drawings are submitted to Goa Shipyard Ltd, Vasco for studying the details of the vessel.
Tenders are invites from firms/individuals for “hiring/leasing of landing space yard”, to unload the scarp material of the vessel M.V. “River Princess” from the barges through the jetty and to cut the same for final disposal, for a period of 6 months from the date of acceptance of tender or till the completion of the cutting work.  The last date for requesting the tender document is 30/05/2013 upto 03.30 pm. and the last date for receipt of tenders is 07/06/2013 at 3.30 p.m.
The process of re-obtaining the required permission from the concerned authority for the removal of the vessel is on.
12. Refund of Security deposit of the unsuccessful shack applicants is in process and site inspections are carried out as and when required.
13. As part of promotional activities in overseas markets, Department has participated at Arabian Travel Mart (ATM) 2013 held from 6th to 9th May 2013 at Dubai.
14. The Department has carried out the following trade activities: 
Sr. no. Name of the Activity New Registration Renewal
1. House/Guest Houses 24 168
2. Travel Agencies 02 58
3. Tourist Taxis 88 785
4. Water Sports Boats NIL NIL
15. Quite a number of tourists domestic as well as foreign continued to visit the State during the month of May, 2013.