This is one of the Christian celebrations, observed in sincere reverence by the Goan Catholics. It takes place at the end of the period of Lent which lasts for 40 days in February and March, beginning with Ash Wednesday. Good Friday is followed by Easter Sunday.

A special mass and procession take place in almost every church in Goa, but the best celebration takes place in the capital city of Panaji

The most spectacular celebration which takes place in Panaji, is in the square of the Church of Mary Immaculate Conception. Large crowds in formal clothes, gather in the square to participate in the mass and the Way of the Cross.

The priests celebrate the mass in Konkani, describing the sufferings of Lord Jesus Christ. After the mass, the special crucifix, which until this time has been kept from view, is now uncovered before the crowd for veneration.

The ceremony of the Way of the Cross takes place as a re-enactment of the path Jesus took on Mount Calvary before the Crucifixion. An image of Jesus carrying the large wooden cross is taken in a procession from the Mary Immaculate Church premises, through the nearby streets by the clergymen dressed in special clothes.

The people follow the procession in two parallel lines, in front and behind the statue. The solemn procession is watched by hundreds of onlookers, Hindu and Christian standing at the roadside.

A band playing suitably somber music accompanies the procession which slowly winds its way through the main streets in Panaji before returning to the church.