The magnificent Church of St Anne also known as the Santana Church locally is the scene of the very unusual feast every year. The Church located at Talaulim in Tiswadi taluka, is dedicated to St Anne and the feast is celebrated on July 29.

Touxeachem Fest (in Konkani) literally translates as the Cucumber Feast in English. Besides the huge number of devotees from all around Goa, a large number of newly married couples is in attendance.

The couples come to the Church to seek the blessings of St Anne, who herself was blessed with a child after 40 years of barren life. They buy cucumbers from local vendors at the feast and offer them at the feet of St Ann and carry them home to eat.

At most feasts in Goa, there are numerous stalls selling the traditional sweetmeats and other items such as grams etc. At the feast of St Anne, the largest number of vendors sell only cucumbers which are in high demand by the devotees.

Another fascinating feature of this feast is the fairly large number of Hindu devotees who come to celebrate the feast and pay their respects to St Anne. Even while the mass is going on, there is a continuous line of Hindu devotees waiting to touch the statue of St Anne.