Official Goa Mobile Application


Goa, January 22, 2014: The Official Goa Mobile App( recommended by Goa Tourism) is developed by RZ2 Games Pvt Ltd which is into development of mobile application in Goa for last 7 years and Purushottam Bhagwan and Associates who are in tourism business for last 22 years in Goa. This Dynamic application with real time updates is need of the hour as most of the young people own a smart device and they can get real time information on the move from any part of the world on Goa and which can help in to plan a trip to Goa or while in Goa. There are no cost implications for Goa Tourism and the developers will have to strictly upload only correct and credible info on Goa which will be randomly checked by Goa Tourism officials for correctness of the content.


            The salient features of this Mobile Application covers the basic information required by a tourist such as demography, boarding and lodging, travel, important numbers, must see places, events, important details, do’s and don’ts while in Goa etc.Any event happening in Goa can be listed and marketed by using this application.  This application can also help promote Goa as a destination for health care/dental cosmetic and also promote any hinterland of Goa, which are not on the main tourist map.


            This application will also have a multi-lingual feature in the next phase, like Hindi, Russian and German to cater for non-English speaking tourist. Presently it has feature for common Konkani phrases which will be upgraded to audio playback feature soon.         We are giving a free listing to all tourism related industry such as hotels, restaurants, shops, taxis etc. For example, to elaborate how this feature can benefit the grass root individual related to tourism, we have already listed about 50 taxis with their vehicle details and the contact details of the drivers which can be dialed out with one click to contact them. We have requested the president of the Taxi association of North Goa to share the details of the taxi drivers for a free listing. Similarly we will be approaching the South Goa Taxi Association for the details. We intend to have details of about 5000 taxis under this category. This application can help all categories of hotels to sell their last minute available inventory at a special price, i.e by deal of the day feature directly to the customer with access to the websites and their payment gateways.  The hotels/restaurants/shops etc can have subscription feature with more specific details on request. We believe that this mobile application will be a game changer and will be an effective tool to market Goa in the near future. Many more features will be added in the coming days for the benefit of the tourists visiting Goa.


This application can be downloaded from the Google App Store, click the link below


For further details please contact Pradeep Sehgal at or Nilesh Shah at