Early start to Goa's domestic tourist season


After having experienced some uncertainty due to fall in charter tourists during the beginning of the tourist season this year, the tourism industry has heaved a sigh of relief with not the charter tourism picking up in the month of January and continuing to show signs of bettering past record for the rest of the season but domestic tourism also showing good signs. Though the domestic tourist season starts in May at the end of charter tourist season, this year it has started a bit earlier with a large number of domestic tourists already arriving in the state ahead of schedule. The hoteliers are optimistic of a good season ahead.

According to the president of Travel and Tourism Association of Goa, Mr Ralph de Souza, the domestic tourist season was picking up earlier than scheduled and some conferences organised by corporate houses, etc have also been scheduled earlier, this year. Besides, there have been a good number of enquiries for weddings in the state, he said.

He said that tourism industry heaved a sigh of relief after the charter tourism picked up in January after showing a drastic fall in November and December, last year. It showed sign of recovery and than made up for the loss seen in the pick season, he said adding that a number of charters were still coming to the state and were expected to come till the end of next month brining in record number of tourists. Mr de Souza also said that the domestic tourist scene was expected to be better than normal this year and the promotional efforts of the tourism department of the state government in various metropolitan cities of the country paying rich dividend and attracting large number of tourists.

The TTAG chief further said that the tourism department has revived organisation of state fairs and road shows in metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Calcutta, and other cities and this would help tourists from those places to the state. The state fairs were being held 4-5 years back but were subsequently discontinued. A large number of hoteliers are also participating in the promotion events, he added. Though the actual domestic season is expected to gain momentum, after examination in many northern states get over, the domestic tourists have already made their presence felt in the state. A large number of them have been arriving by different modes of transport with many complaining that it was difficult to get railway tickets, particularly from Mumbai. (courtesy navhindtimes.com)