Goa Tourism and Travel and Tour Operators from China exchange tourism ties


·         12-member  delegation from Urumqi-China  on three day visit to  Goa
·         Air connectivity via  Air  Arabia  to  facilitate visit of  tourists  from Urumqi- Chinato Goa
·         Chinese delegation to promote  Goa’s beach tourism  and  adventure tourism activities in Urumqi-           China
·         Goa’s hoteliers  and tour  operators have B2B  with Chinese travel agents

Panjim, May  11:      Goa  Tourism and  travel agents/tour  operators   from the  City  of  Urumqi   exchange  tourism and travel  ties as  12 delegates from the  West end  of  China  visit  Goa on a three-day FAM between May 9-12, 2015.

Air  Arabia   was  the travel partner along  with  Goa  Tourism  in  hosting the contingent  of Chinese   tourism  and travel agents  and operators.

Leading the  delegation, Sales  Manager, China for  Air  Arabia,  Ting  Zhang said, “We are  very  happy  to visit Goa for the  first time and experience the  hospitality of the  people of  Goa.”
“Goa has beautiful beaches and its cultural diversity has enthralled us very much,” Ms Zhang said.
The  delegation   which  arrived in Goa  on Saturday morning  were  given   a warm welcome  by Goa  Tourism  at Dabolim airport and various  facilities were extended  ot the  visiting  delegation by Goan hoteliers and  resorts.

The delegation toured Goa for three days and were given  an insight into Goa’s   tourism facets.  The  tour  included  visit  to  Goa’s  heritage  sites,  beach belt,   eco-tourism  sites,  temples,  and  also  provided   an  experience  of  water sports and a taste  of  Goan  cuisine and  culture.
A  special  presentation was  made  to the  visiting   Chinese  delegation on Goa  Tourism  activities  with special  focus  on beach tourism,  heritage, Goa  as a  wedding destination,  eco-trails,  churches/temples and  cuisine.
Ms  Zhang said  that  efforts  to improve air  connectivity  to  Goa    from Urumqi  via  Air  Arabia has made it  possible  for  the  delegation to  visit  Goa and  is  positive that   people from Urumqi will visit  Go  in large  numbers  in the   coming season.
The   Chinese  delegation also had  a  one to one  interaction with travel agents and tour  operators  in Goa on Monday,  where   both  sides   exchanged  tourism  related information  during the   two-hour  long session.

Arken Kutluk, Deputy General Manager of   Xinjiang Overseas International Travel Service Co. Urumqi, Xinjiang said, “Goa is a very peaceful State. We have   enjoyed the beaches of Goa. We are planning to take back our experiences and   promote Goa back home.”
Deepak Narvekar, PRO, Goa  Tourism Development  Corporation said, “Urumqi  is  an  inland major  city in the  world farthest from any  ocean, hence Goa  and beach tourism has  found  favor  with the  Chinese delegation.”

Narvekar  further said, “This  FAM  trip  will  help   Goa  Tourism  in a  big way as  it  will bring  hi-end tourists   from China and in turn  benefit   tourism stakeholders  in the  State.
Yogesh Naik, Manager -Marketing   for Goa Tourism/GTDC   co-ordinated   the FAM trip. Tokens and souvenirs  of  Goa  Tourism were  presented to the  Chinese  delegation.