Tourism Minister Mr. Dilip Parulekar inspects South Goa beaches


·          Tourism  minister personally inspected  16 km stretch from  Colva to  Mobor
·         Proposes  introduction  of new systems  to encourage  tourists   to keep  beaches  clean
·         To  address all  concerns  from NGOs  before  introducing   mechanized  beach cleaning mechanisms
·         Reiterates  Goa Tourism’s   commitment  of  providing  clean and  safe beaches in Goa
Colva, June 11:  The Tourism Minister, Mr. Dilip Parulekar, on  Thursday  carried  out  an inspection of the  South  Goa  coastline from Colva to  Mobor for  checking the progress of  work under the  Comprehensive Beach Cleaning  initiative.

Mr. Parulekar  was  accompanied  by  Chairman  of  Goa Tourism Development  Corporation (GTDC) Mr. Nilesh Cabral, Member  Secretary of the  Goa  State  Pollution Control Board (GSPCB)Mr. Levinson Martins,  Director  of  Tourism Mr. Ameya  Abhyankar, Managing Director   of Goa  Tourism  Development Corporation  (GTDC) Mr. Nikhil Desai and   other officials.

 The tourism minister personally inspected the 16 km stretch for close to two hours along with the team of officials.
Mr. Parulekar heads  the  monitoring  committee   for the  Comprehensive  Management    of Beach  Cleanliness and is  slated  to  inspect  the  North   coastline  shortly as well.
“I am satisfied with the   beach cleaning initiative,” he said after completing the inspective drive from Colva to Mobor.

“The  beach belt here in South Goa  is   clean and the  beach cleaning  contractor  has  been directed  to  ensure that the  cleanliness drive  continues  to  be carried  out  effectively  in future  as  well,” Mr. Parulekar said.

Addressing the media  in South  Goa  he also said, “Right  now  we  have a  challenging situation with  tar ball depositions and  I am  happy to  see that the beaches  in South  Goa  are  being rid  of this  problem round-the-clock.”

He has  however directed the beach contractors  to ensure that the  sand dune vegetation fringing the  beach belt are also   kept clean and  waste  strewn around   the  green patches   be  collected  immediately whenever noted.

The tourism  ministry is also working  on a proposal  of introducing  eco-friendly mechanized  beach cleaning  mechanisms   and will   organize  demos    wherein  concerns  of  NGOs and  the fishing community  will be addressed.

Likewise  a proposal is also in the offing  to  introduce  systems  that  will  encourage tourists  and  visitors   to  keep  the  beaches  of  Goa  clean.

Mr. Parulekar and Mr. Nilesh Cabral also unveiled plans of setting up toilet facilities at all beaches in Goa.
“Tenders  for  toilets,  changing rooms,  locker facilities will be  out in the  coming week,” said  Mr. Cabral adding  that  the tourism  ministry is  committed on providing  such  facilities   at all beaches  in the  State which  will  further  strengthen   the  initiative  for  clean beaches in Goa.

Mr. Parulekar  also expressed satisfaction  over the  lifeguard  services and took note  of the  lifeguards  on duty all along the  South  Goa  coastline.