“Costa Neo Reveira” CRUISE SHIP WELCOMED ON 28th February 2016”


Goa Tourism along with Mormugao Port Trust has taken a great initiative to promote Cruise Tourism, to accord a grand welcome to foreign tourists who arrives in Goa, where, On behalf of Department of Goa Tourism,  Sean AdEvent Goa was commissioned to welcome tourists who arrived in Goa by Cruise Ship “Costa Neo Reveira” on 28th February 2016. The ship carried 850 passengers and 400 crew members, which arrived at 8.15 am at Mole Berth MPT Harbour. The ship arrived from Mumbai to Goa comprising tourists mostly from Germany etc. The ship left at 6.00 pm to Mangalore the same evening.
On behalf of Goa Tourism, Sean AdEvent along with theofficials Mr. Dipak Narvekar from Goa Tourism Development Corporation & Mrs. Fernanda Valles from Department of Goa Tourism, extended a traditional warm welcome to the visitors by offering 450 rose buds to each and every tourist, by our King Momo & Queen Momo. Snacks along with Kokum Juice was also offered to the tourists. While the tourists waited for immigration, and when they disembarked, Brass Band was played along with, Cultural Programme by 15 artists performed Various Goan Folk performances such as Dekhni, Corridinho, Kundbi, Goan dances etc with music and sound system at the reception during the arrival as a part of the welcome ceremony organised by Department of Goa Tourism.
A shamiyana of 15 mtrs x 6 mtrs along with 4 canopy tents were erected at the dock. It was decorated depicting Goan themes. Similarly 10 nos of Standees and 2 Display banners of Goa Tourism was displayed at the venue depicting different aspects of Goa such as our precious heritage; our sun kissed beaches, our sumptuous cuisine, and our vibrant culture and colourful Goan Festivals etc.
Goa Tourism Maps/Brochures detailing places to see in Goa and other information & gift souvenirs were distributed to the guests. All the guests were overwhelmed by the warm reception and delighted to watch the folk performances & Brass Band, with almost all snapping up photo memories of their brief encounter with Goa’s culture at the Mormugao Port.