GTDC repairs dilapidated railing at Dona Paula Jetty


Panjim, July 19, 2016:  Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) has pressed into action its machinery to repair the railing at the Dona Paula jetty which has been damaged by the fury of the sea and its waves during the current monsoons.
The intensity of the crashing waves had led to parts of the railing coming off, putting the safety of visitors at risk. Taking serious cognizance of the situation and considering the safety and security of tourists visiting the spot, GTDC has fixed major portions of the damaged railings with immediate effect. Though a major portion of the railings have been repaired, a small portion is still under restoration.
With incessant rain, the work of completing the repairs has slowed down and will be completed soon. In the meantime, a temporary barricading has been erected to prohibit tourists from venturing into those areas which are yet to be repaired.
Mr. Nilesh Cabral, Chairman, GTDC, said “Safety and Security of tourists is our top most priority and foremost matter of concern. We receive thousands of tourists visiting various touristic locations such as the Dona Paula Jetty. Considering the safety of tourists, we have repaired the dilapidated railings which were damaged due to intensity of the giant waves and intense showers. The work is nearing completion and the remaining portions from the potentially dangerous area will be refurbished shortly”.