Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Mr. Manohar Ajgaonkar, for tough laws

Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Mr. Manohar Ajgaonkar, for tough laws against swimming on beaches in drunken condition
Panjim, 6 September:The Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Mr. Manohar Ajgaonkar on Wednesday has stated that he  would  seriously take up the issue with the  Hon’ble  Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar to enact a law that would  take  strong action and serve as a deterrent against those  venturing into  the sea for the purpose of swimming  in an intoxicated condition.
In a statement issued today after a meeting with concerned departments following the recent deaths due to drowning reported earlier this month, Mr.  Ajgaonkar said that he is proposing to impress on the government to come out with an ordinance immediately in this matter if required to before the new season commences.  He said that  incidents of deaths due to drowning  on the beaches of Goa will  bring a  bad name  to the State and all agencies including the Department  of Tourism have to  act  responsibly  yet  in a tough manner  if required to,  to ensure the safety of tourists on the beaches. Incidentally most of the unfortunate accidents on the beaches like drownings, fights  etc.  have been reported  due to  consumption of alcohol.  It is also observed that tourists venture into the deep sea in the late hours of the night.
During the meeting with representatives from the tourist police force, coastal police and  Drishti Lifesaving, Mr.  Ajgaonkar agreed that tourists should not be allowed to venture into the sea after dark as are the rules for swimming in pools enforced by hotels.
In the meantime,  the  Department  of  Tourism has been directed to instruct all shack operators along the  beach belt  to erect sign  boards   in their respective shacks cautioning tourists  from  venturing into the sea in  an intoxicated condition.
It was felt that there was need to enhance awareness of the dangers of swimming under the influence of alcohol.
Mr. Ajgaonkar has extended  all support to the  Goa Police,  Coastal police and Drishti Lifesaving with regards to stepping up beach safety and  water patrol  and  has also agreed to suggestions  for  dedicated  medical  services such as  ambulances for  the beach belt in North and South Goa. A committee comprising of representatives of all concerned agencies is also being constituted which will meet once a month to review beach safety and water patrol issues.