Department of Tourism to post lifeguards at Harvalem waterfalls soon

Department of Tourism to post lifeguards at Harvalem waterfalls soon: Ajgaonkar
·         Minister for Tourism expresses concern over death of military personnel
·         Appeals to tourists to pay heed to locals and police warnings
Panjim,  Sept 30: The Hon’ble  Minister for Tourism, Mr. Manohar Ajgaonkar while expressing deep  shock  and regret over the death of a military personnel due to drowning at Harvalem waterfalls today has  stated that  he will direct the Department  of  Tourism  to post lifeguards  at this tourist spot which is now the new jaunt  for picnickers and   tourists.
Mr. Ajgaonkar said, “It is very unfortunate that a life has been lost on this auspicious day of Dussehra  and I am very concerned about mishaps  being reported from Harvalem  waterfalls.”
He however pointed out that the group of personnel from the military hospital, Panjim who were on a picnic at  Harvalem waterfalls on Saturday had been cautioned by locals not to swim in the waters at Harvalem.
“Time and again Goa Tourism is impressing on people/tourists not to throw caution to the wind and to refrain from risking their lives,” he reiterated.
Mr. Ajgaonkar conveyed his condolences to the bereaved family of the military personnel whose body was fished out by a team of Naval divers today.
According to reports from Bicholim police station, a group of eight military personnel from Military Hospital, Panjim had ventured for a swim into the waters at Harvalem even as  conditions were unsuitable for swimming. While the rest were rescued, one drowned. He was aged 29.
Later today Mr. Ajgaonkar tweeted on his social media handles appealing to tourists visiting Goa for the  festive and long weekend to  enjoy their stay in Goa and to be  responsible and  refrain from endangering their lives.
He said, “As Goa is decked up for the festive season and is an attractive holiday spot for tourists to enjoy the festive fervor, I wish everyone visiting the State a pleasant and enjoyable stay. I also take this opportunity to appeal to everyone to enjoy the season’s splendor and while doing so to be cautious and responsible citizens.  Do abide by instructions of the locals and police as they are your guides in helping you from risking or endangering your lives. We want you to   return home with good memories of Goa and want you to revisit Goa in the future.”