Government assures corrective measures on slot allotment for charters at Dabolim airport: Ajgaonka

Government assures corrective measures on slot allotment for charters at  Dabolim  airport: Ajgaonkar
Panjim, Sept 29:The Hon’ble Minister for  Tourism, Mr. Manohar Ajgaonkar on Friday has informed  tourism stakeholders  that  the  Goa government  is taking corrective  measures  and  will resolve the  issue of  slot allotment  for charters  at the Goa  international airport, Dabolim.
On his arrival to Goa after attending the tourism trade fairs at Moscow and Paris, Mr. Ajgaonkar immediately met the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Goa, Mr. Manohar Parrikar today and discussed the issues concerning restrictions for charter landings and slot allotment at the airport.
Later in a statement issued he said, “The  Hon’ble chief minister has assured that all corrective  steps will be  taken and  issues will be  resolved  so that Goa has  a  good charter season this year.”
These timely measures  will put to ease  the anxiety and  concerns raised by tourism stakeholders  over the recent   hurdles  at the airport on slot  allotment for charter flights which  are scheduled to land  in Goa for the season from 1st October.
He further said, “Tourism stakeholders need not panic and should have faith in the government   which is taking all initiatives towards improving tourism in the State and increasing foreign tourist footfalls to Goa.”
The first charter flight   for the season 2017-18 with 500 passengers from Russia is scheduled to land at the Goa airport on Sunday morning.  Elaborate arrangements have been made by Goa Tourism to welcome the Russian visitors at the airport. This year, Goa Tourism is expecting   a good charter season and may cross the 1000 mark of charter flights which includes flights from Russia, UK and other European countries.