Not replying to email is no issue for TTAG to explode over

Not replying to email is no issue for TTAG to explode over: Co-operate with the government to explore solutions to resolve charter slot issue at Goa airport: Ajgaonkar
Panjim,  Oct 4:The Hon'ble Minister  for Tourism,  Mr. Manohar Ajgaonkar today reacted  sharply   to statements made by TTAG  and  its Chief Mr. Savio Messias on the charter  slot issue in sections of the local media  today and  said that  the government  is seized over the issue and  is  working on corrective  measures so that all hurdles are  removed to ensure a good charter season for Goa this year. 
"Not replying to an email from TTAG does not imply any lack of  seriousness in resolving issues," Mr. Ajgaonkar said  informing the TTAG that  the association  should have  instead appreciated  the initiative  of the government  and the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Parrikar  who convened a meeting  on Wednesday (Oct 4) with  tourism stakeholders  to discuss the issues concerning  charter slot allotments  at the airport.
“This initiative  itself is a reply  to the  TTAG that the government  is  concerned and  has brought  stakeholders  to the table to  find  speedy solutions,” Mr. Ajgaonkar said adding that all the points mentioned in the email sent by TTAG needed clarification from  the Airport Authority of India so that they could be  addressed effectively.
Mr. Ajgaonkar  further said that this  initiative to  convene  a meeting and   to invite  the TTAG for the same  was  intimated   by the  chief minister’s office to the  association  on 3rd October,  the immediate  working day after the extended  weekend break, and  being well aware of this  it has jumped the queue and spoken irresponsibly.
Mr. Ajgaonkar said that he had returned from Paris late night on 28th September and had 
spoken to  the Hon'ble Chief Minister  of Goa Mr. Manohar Parrikar on 29th September who assured to look into the matter and  resolve the  same at the earliest. 
"This was made known to all tourism stakeholders through a press statement issued on the same day which got published widely on Saturday. I had also posted about it on my social media handles" the Minister stated.
Mr. Ajgaonkar  further said that  a  responsible tourism body  like the Travel and  Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) should co-operate with the government towards  betterment  of  tourism  in the State of Goa than  being over critical and using the media to taunt the  government.