Beach Shack allotment process will be completed on time: assures Minister for Tourism Ajgaonkar


Beach Shack allotment process will be completed on time: assures Minister for Tourism Ajgaonkar


The Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Govt. of Goa, Mr. Manohar Ajgaonkar today assured  beach shack operators in Goa of  an expeditious  process for  allotment  of shacks for the tourism season 2018-19 and  has  directed the Department  of Tourism to complete  all processes by  15th September 2018.
Mr. Ajgaonkar said, “As  done in the last season, allotment  of  shacks for 2018-19 will also  be  carried out  in a time  bound  manner so that shack operators  can set up their units and  conduct business in a smooth manner.”
A total of 345  shacks were allocated on the beach belt of  the State last season. While North Goa was allotted 257 shacks,  South Goa was allotted 88 shacks. With the  commencement  of  the new season close at hand,  shack operators  have been requesting the government  to hasten  all processes  for  shack allotment to avoid any delay in conduct  of business.   
Mr. Ajgaonkar, responding to concerns voiced by shack operators,  has strongly allayed all fears and anxiety and  has directed the Department  of Tourism to ensure that there is no delay in the  licensing/allotment  process  of shacks for the new season.
The Minister for Tourism  recalled efforts made by  him in  completing  the  shack allotment  process on time  for the  season 2017-18 and  expressed confidence  that the same levels of  efficiency would be  exhibited  this year too.
Mr. Ajgaonkar in a statement issued today said, “I have directed the Department of Tourism to complete the entire shack allotment process in time before the tourism season commences.  
The entire shack allotment process will be time bound and the department will ensure that shack operators comply with all the requisite documents and formalities so that the shack operations commence in a smooth manner.”
Mr. Ajgaonkar has also appealed to shack operators in Goa  to follow all rules and  regulations  once the shacks are allotted  and has sought co-operation  of the  shack operators in conducting smooth business,  to  also create awareness among tourists on safety and security,  cleanliness  and solid waste disposaland  to follow the law of the land.