Advice / Instruction to tourists:

1.         While driving follow traffic rules.   Carry on your person legal documents like license and passport.   Traffic circulation is on the left.  Do not use air-horns or multi-toned horns.

2.        Exchange your money only through Banks / Authorized money changers/hotels and insist on a receipt.

3.        In case you want to extend your visa, contact the Foreigners Regional Registration Office located in the Police Headquarters at Panaji.

4.        Shop at Government emporia/handicraft centers for quality products at reasonable prices.

5.        Check power voltage before using electrical appliances for safety purpose (voltage in Goa is 220-240 volts, A.C.  50 cycles).

6.        Keep your valuables in hotel lockers/ bank’s safe deposit vaults.

7.        Contact Govt. approved Travel agents/Tour operators for local sightseeing and excursion tours.

8.        In case you need a Guide hire one approved by Government.  For verification you may ask for identity card.

9.        Tourists carrying cameras/video cameras should check whether photography/video filming is permitted at the tourist spots.

10.      Contact nearest Govt. of India/State Govt. Tourist Office/Counter/Tourist Police/Tourist Assistance Booth for any tourist information/assistance.

11.       In case of loss of any documents, contact nearest Police Station.

12.      While visiting religious places, please have respect for local tradition/customs.