There was a time when the train journey from Mumbai took nearly twenty-four hours, on the winding route via Miraj and Pune, involving a change of trains too. Today, the high-speed Konkan Railway has a daily train which hardly takes around 8-9 hours for the same journey. Other trains between Mumbai and Panaji take typically around 10-12 hours.

The rail route also has trains which travel past Mumbai to other northern areas of India right upto Delhi as well as down south to Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. The Konkan Railway has special reservation facility via the internet for foreigners which allows payment to be made by credit cards. There are also computerized reservation systems in most metros.

As the demand for the rail journey is quite high and most trains run filled to capacity, it is highly advisable to reserve the tickets well in advance of your actual journey to Goa. Goa has two major railway stations — Margao and Vasco-da-Gama, both located in the southern area of the state. The South Central Railway terminus is at Vasco-da-Gama and the Konkan Railway terminus is at Margao. Besides the two main stations, the trains usually halt for a few minutes at a number of other smaller stations in Goa.

The Konkan Railway has trains which ply between Mumbai and Goa and other destinations. The latest updated schedules for these are available on the official Konkan Railway website. The South Central Railway has one train, the Nizamuddin Goa Express coming in daily in the early morning. This train departs from Delhi and comes to Goa via Pune.

The Konkan Railway undoubtedly offers the quickest and cheapest route to Goa from Mumbai. In Mumbai there are two booking offices: one is on the upper floor of the Western Railways booking office in Churchgate Station and the second is at the Central Railway booking office, at the rear of Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Victoria Terminus or VT).

A list of major trains to and from Goa

From Goa to: Ahmedabad . Ernakulam . Gandhidham. Hapa . Howrah . Jaipur . Jodhpur . Karwar . Mangalore . Mumbai . Nagercoil . New Delhi . Okha . Puna . Trivandrum . Vijaywada . Yeshwantpur .

To Goa from: Ahmedabad . Ernakulam . Gandhidham . Hapa . Howrah . Jaipur . Jodhpur . Karwar . Mangalore . Mumbai . Nagercoil . New Delhi . Okha . Puna . Trivandrum . Vijaywada . Yeshwantpur .

Departures (From Goa to other destinations)
Train Name Train No. MargaoKarmaliThivim VascoArrival Operation
Ernakulam Poorna Express1097132504205Sat
Marusagar Express297813250420Fri
Okha Ernakulum Express633707452250Mon, Sat
Nagercoil Gandhidham Express633610551410Tue
Okha Express633810551350Wed, Fri
VSG Howrah Express284807502225Tue, Thr, Fri
Marusagar Express2977103511201405Sun
Trivandrum Jodhpur Express631210551700Sat
Janashatabdi Express207116002150Daily
Matsyaganda Exp.261900200615Daily
Netravati Express63460600063307101640Daily
Mandovi Express01041000102810452145Daily
Matsyagandha Express262020550635Daily
Janashatabdi Express2052142015022255Except Wed
Konkan Kanya Express01121800183218500550Daily
Nagercoil Gandhidham Express633507450440Fri
New Delhi 
Ernakulam Nizamuddin Mangala Express1097033504221320Daily
Sampark Kranti Express265302101105Sat
Rajdhani Express243110351235Tue & Thr
Goa Sampark Kranti Expres24491120115012081645Tue
Okha Express6338105511431730Wed, Fri
Poona Express109815200505Mon
Trivandrum Veraval Express633308500600Thr
Netravati Express634522301840Daily
Rajdhani Express243212350525Tue, Sun
Nagercoil Gandhidham Express633507450310Fri
Bikaner Trivandrum Express631107450310Tue
Veraval Trivandrum Express633307450310Thr
Arrivals (From other destinations to Goa)
Train NameTrain No. DepartureVascoThivimKarmaliMargaoOperation
Mangala Express2617124504200325Daily
Ernakulam Pooma Express109822451500Mon
Ernakulam Hapa Express633819551045Wed, Fri
Marusagar Express297719551025Sun
Gandhidham Nagercoil Express633505200735Fri
Ernakulam Hapa Express633705150735Mon, Sat
Amravati Express2847233014201900Mon, Tue, Thr &
Jaipur Emakulam Marusagar Expr2978100511501315Fri
Trivandrum Jodhpur Express631100450735Tue
Matsyaganda Exp.262014402045Daily
Netravati Express63451140222821542230Daily
Mandovi Express01030655171217331845Daily
Matsyagandha Express261914050010Daily
Janashatabdi Express2051053013021355Except Wed
Konkan Kanya Express01112300092609481045Daily
Gandhidham Nagercoil Express633613301045Tue
New Delhi 
Emakulam Nizamuddin Mangala Ex2618092017581925Daily
Goa Sampark Kranti Express245007301315114813580730Sat
Rajdhani Express243211051225Tue, Sun
Kerala Sampark Kranti Express265414002050Wed
Okha Ernakulum Express6337015006310735Mon, Sat
Emakulam Pooma Express109723101305Sat
Trivandrum Jodhpur Express631215151045Sat
Trivandrum Veraval Express633415151125Mon
Netravati Express634610000550Daily
Rajdhani Express243119151025Tue, Thr
Gandhidham Nagercoil Express633615151045Tue