Statement from Shri Manohar Ajgaonkar, Hon’ble Minister of Tourism, Government of Goa

While there have been reports that the tourism numbers in Goa have decreased, we would like to point out that in the last year we have successfully initiated a number of measures to make tourism in the state a more memorable experience.
Goa is a destination which attracts all kinds of tourists from all sections of society. In keeping with this, we have accommodation options ranging from luxury resorts to more affordable options. For the convenience of tourists, we have also introduced Goa Miles, a mobile application that helps one book taxis for a reasonable cost in a convenient manner. Safety and security are of prime concern and the  Goa Police take necessary precautionary measures to ensure law and order is maintained in the state.  To give tourists, both domestic and international, multiple reasons to visit Goa, various festivals are marketed internationally to showcase the diversity of options available in the state.
The Tourism Department understands the importance of Music festivals and the revenue they bring to the state; we welcome organizers of these events and encourage them to revisit Goa to host these events, as long as their dues are cleared. Efforts are made to ensure the beaches are clean. Our beach cleaning initiative has been successful across the state. The Tourism department has sufficient expertise, manpower and ability to ably execute the beach cleaning work.
Like any other industry, tourism is also subjected to taxes. We understand that rising costs can hamper the progress of tourism in the state,however on our part we assure to provide all the possible support to make Goa the destination of choice for tourists.